North Carolina Department of Justice
Sheriffs’ Education and Training Standards Division (SETSD)

Job Task Analysis Study


Thank you for your participation in this survey. The information gathered here will be used to ensure that the training provided in the basic Telecommunicator Certification Course (TCC) is relevant and meets professional standards.  As such, the SETSD is conducting a job task analysis study of the work performed by entry-level Public Safety Telecommunicators in the state of North Carolina.

The questionnaire that follows asks line level Telecommunicators which tasks they have personally performed and how often they perform them.  Supervisors are asked to identify the tasks they expect their Telecommunicators to be able to perform and evaluate those tasks in terms of importance of proper performance and when it is best learned how to do them.

The entire questionnaire contains more than 200 items and should take less than 45 minutes to complete.  However, for your convenience, you can enter and exit the site as needed.  Your last completed page will be saved so you can pick up right where you left off each time.  But, if you leave in the middle of a page, you will be asked to redo it when you return.

You may begin by clicking on the appropriate tab below.  Please take the time to answer each question thoughtfully, as your responses will play a direct role in revising the current TCC.

On behalf of the SETSD and the citizens of North Carolina, Thank you!


Please click here if you are a Public Safety Telecommunicator and you will be directed to the Telecommunicator Questionnaire.

Please click here if you SUPERVISE Public Safety Telecommunicators and you will be directed to the Supervisor Questionnaire.



If you experience any problems or need general assistance, please contact the consultant, V.A. Lubans by email at or by phone at (860) 485-0803.