North Carolina Department of Justice
Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Division (SETSD)

Detention Officer
Job Task Analysis Study


Thank you for logging in to complete this important questionnaire.  Please know that your work as a Detention Officer or Supervisor is both recognized and appreciated. To ensure the most effective and efficient training, we have begun a project to identify those tasks that may be performed by entry-level Detention Officers. Your responses will assist in the review and revision of the current DOCC lesson plans.

The task list that follows was prepared after a review of a draft task list by a panel of local detention managers, trainers and supervisors who eliminated tasks that clearly are not performed by Detention Officers and added new tasks. The questionnaires that follow ask Detention Officers whether and how often they perform a particular task.  Supervisors are asked to identify the tasks they expect their basic Detention Officers to perform and evaluate those tasks in terms of both criticality of proper performance and when they should be taught. This will help determine whether a topic is covered in the DOCC, advanced or on-the-job training.

Because of the complexity of your job, the entire questionnaire may take 1 hour to complete. For your convenience, you can enter and exit the site as needed. Each completed page will be saved when you click continue, so you can pick up right where you left off each time.

You may begin by clicking on the appropriate tab below. Please take the time to answer each question candidly and completely, as your input here will play a direct role in developing the requirements for basic and advanced training programs in North Carolina for years to come.  

On behalf of the SETSD and the citizens of North Carolina, Thank you!


Please click here if you are a DETENTION OFFICER and you will be directed to the Officer Questionnaire.

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If you experience any problems or need general assistance, please contact the consultant, V.A. Lubans by email at or by phone at (860) 485-0803.